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Join the world’s first financial platform fully
owned by its token holders.

With its comprehensive ecosystem that includes:

Privateum Global Co-Op enables individuals and businesses to achieve financial freedom

Legal Framework

Approved by a European legislation, ensure compliance with all relevant legislation.

Exclusive Marketplace

Get exclusive opportunity to use our Marketplace to buy & sell assets to the members of the cooperative.

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Low-Fee Transfers Privately

Use your private wallet to make secure money transfers between cooperative members worldwide.

Keeping Your Savings Safe

Keep your savings inside the platform in the most secure and safest way.

Becoming a member of a cooperative just got easier.

Users interested in gaining access to the features and functions of the co-op can become members of the Privateum Global Co-Op. Using the PRI Token in transactions will give users all the benefits to unlock their potential.

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Privateum Wallet

Privateum wallet allows you easily send secure transactions, swap cryptos at the lowest cost, and even more.
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Privateum Product Roadmap

Q1 2023
Public Wallet

Our development team will continue to enhance and upgrade the features of our public wallet product on both iOS and Android platforms. Our aim is to provide our users with the best possible experience in managing their digital assets.

Q1 2023

We will continue with the advanced development of our marketplace product, which will enable users to buy and sell products and services securely and efficiently by using PRI crypto tokens as the transaction fee currency. A working prototype of the platform will be demonstrated at the Privateum Global event ‘’Your Financial Freedom’’ in Dubai on April 26.

Q2 2023
Private Wallet

We plan to release our private wallet product to the public, which will provide users with enhanced security and privacy features for their digital assets. The private wallet will have features such as multi-factor authentication and biometric verification to ensure secure access.

Q2 2023
Cooperative Platform

We will continue to improve the infrastructure of our cooperative platform, providing a forum for members to discuss ideas, share knowledge, and take part in board meetings and decision-making processes of Privateum Global. During this period, we will be expanding the platform to include more tools for collaboration and communication.

Q3 2023

Our marketplace product will be launched to the public.We will also continue to develop new features to enhance the user experience, such as integrating with third-party payment gateways and expanding the range of products and services available on the platform.

Q3 2023
Marketplace Expansion and Heavy Marketing

Our primary focus for this quarter will be on marketing our marketplace extensively, aiming to increase awareness and drive adoption among potential users. In addition to partnerships with crowdfunding companies and significant merchants, we will collaborate with other companies in the crypto and blockchain space to promote the use of our platform.

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Becoming a member of co-op is even easier now.

Get PRI token to become a member of Privateum
Global Co-Op and get all the advantages to reveal your financial potential.