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Choosing Privateum Global means not just being a part of the evolution, but creating it.

We are commited to transparency and consistency in reshaping the fintech world. Moreover, we do everything for you to be a part of this change – that’s why it’s crucial for you to be the part of Privateum Global cooperative.


Privateum Global Team

Meet the team of the world’s 1st crypto platform - fully owned by its token holders.

Karen Abrahamyan

CEO and Co-Founder

Karen Abrahamyan has over 20 years in the leadership expertise that includes positions at financial institutions. He is well-regarded as an industry visionary with a proven ability to energize partners and teams towards meeting and exceeding business objectives.

Mikayel Hasratyan


Andrej Weissman


Henry Gharagyozyan

COO & Director of Privateum Global Coop

Ruben Vahanyan

Digital Marketing Manager

Alena Menshykava

Senior Advisor

Lilit Najaryan

Project Manager

Karen Margarjan

Creative Director

Ararat Gevorgyan


Robert Grigoryan


Armen Margaryan

Senior Developer

Nikolay Doronin

Market developer

Anna Churakova

Strategic Communications Specialist


Pavel Martinik

Legal Partner

Partners we work with

Strategic Legal Partnership

Pavel Martinik is a partner of Martinik Law Firm, a law firm based in the center of Prague that focuses on financial, commercial and administrative law. The firm provides complex services to domestic and foreign clients, including financial and public institutions. In addition to his legal practice, Pavel Martinik also focuses on academia and lectures financial law at the Charles University Law School.
Pavel Martiník is also an advisor and personal assistant to the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Digital Economy, ICT and Telecommunications of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, with whom he works closely on all issues related to the regulation of the digital economy.

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