Privateum Global's PRI Token Receives Legal Opinion: A Step Towards Safe and Secure Transactions

Privateum Global, an innovative financial platform that is owned by its token (PRI) holders and based in the Czech Republic, is proud to announce that it has received a legal opinion from Legal Kornet OÜ, confirming that PRI token is in compliance with existing regulations, including those in the Czech Republic.


Legal Kornet OÜ is an international team of lawyers and consultants that provides legal support for IT projects and online businesses.

As a utility token, PRI token serves as the primary means of exchange within the Privateum Global ecosystem, providing a decentralized platform for secure and fast transactions between users. Utility tokens are digital tokens that are designed to provide access to a product or service and typically do not have investment value or represent ownership in the company. Instead, they serve a specific function within the platform’s ecosystem, such as granting access or facilitating transactions.

The legal opinion provides reassurance to investors and users that  PRI token is not a security and that its issuance and distribution comply with existing regulations. 

The Privateum Global platform offers its members security, sustainability, safety, and global accessibility.

Privateum Global’s commitment to compliance and regulatory standards is reflected in its receipt of a legal opinion from Legal Kornet OÜ.

The platform provides a decentralized, member-owned solution for secure transactions, and the legal opinion strengthens the company’s position in the cryptocurrency industry as a legitimate and credible player. With the assurance that the PRI token is fully compliant with existing regulations, investors and users can have confidence in the Privateum Global ecosystem and its mission to provide secure and efficient financial services.

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