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As 2022 draws to a close, we wave goodbye to what will be remembered as a particularly challenging period for many players in the crypto and blockchain space.

And what a year it’s been for Privateum.


Nowadays, PVM or PRI crypto token is considered one of the top potential cryptocurrencies on the market.

If you’re not yet convinced, you can explore more on the PRI Crypto Token’s official website, or you can also discover more details on the Coinmarketcap Let us know if you have any questions.

You can join Privateum official telegram channel here.

Crypto winter set in, but throughout it all, the Privateum community has only gotten stronger and kept on building its products and services.

The entire Privateum ecosystem flourished and grew exponentially.

From launching Privateum Global Co-op, to growing a dedicated global community, to partnering with leading projects and many others, and much more. Privateum would not be what it is without the dedicated builders, community members, open-source contributors, and validators.

On behalf of the Privateum project thank you for joining us on this exciting journey to scale crypto globally.

Here’s why you should bet on the Privateum community in 2023.

★ Privateum started 2022 by taking part in ‘’Blockchain Summit 2022’’ in Dubai — the biggest hub of the Worldwide Blockchain and Crypto industries.

It was an exceptional opportunity for Privateum to meet industry leaders from around the world, exchange ideas, discuss prospects for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, and find ways to promote the further development of Privateum ecosystem.

As a result of participation Privateum achieved new strategic partnerships, a wide range of collaborations.

Privateum announced the signing of a partnership agreement with the YOUA Global Cryptocurrency Group (based in Hong Kong and UAE) which became the first strategic investor for Privateum Project.

★ Privateum in partnership with YOUA Global Cryptocurrency Group has launched Privateum Labs to facilitate fundraising and growth of companies that are building a more transparent, accessible, and decentralized world!

★ Privateum saw both DEX and CEX listings, PRI token got listed on:

✓ HitBTC — the most advanced Bitcoin exchange

 LBank — the most popular and trusted world-class trading platform

✓ PancakeSwap — the leading DEX on BNB Smart Chain

★ Privateum received a Legal Opinion dedicated to the PRI Token utility verification. In addition, relevant Crypto Licensing has been successfully attained.

★ Privateum wallet announced its updated version with the following new features and enhancements: (multiple wallets support, custom networks support, custom tokens support, Russian language support, multiple currencies support, GWEI show $ amount, configure transaction properties, clickable Swap icon is clickable, ability to send error logs to support team).

★The official website got a fresh new look and content.

★ The biggest milestone for us was the grand opening of the Privateum Global Co-op in Prague, Czech Republic!

On November 15, different participants across the world gathered in Hilton Prague for the grand opening of the Privateum Global Co-op — The world’s first platform fully owned by its token holders. It was an exciting & huge day for Privateum.

Project speakers gave a small insight into the 3 years of development work behind the scenes.

★ Another milestone in our journey was the appointment of Karen Abrahamayan the co-founder of Privateum as the new CEO of Privateum Global, to further accelerate global growth and innovation.

★ Privateum has grown substantially. Over the course of 2022, PRI token price increased by over 210.10%, making it the top-trending and the most viewed cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko.

★ The trading volume of PRI token exceeded $1 Million on the LBank exchange.

★ LBank exchange announced that PRI token has successfully transferred from innovation zone to main zone as Privateum project has seen a lot of potential mainstream by the mainstream market.

What a crazy year we all had. As we reflect back on the progress Privateum has made over the course of 2022, we are optimistic for a prosperous 2023 with continued growth throughout the Privateum ecosystem.

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year, and thank you for your continued loyalty and support!

We look forward eagerly to the coming year, and can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds for us.

What are you most excited about in 2023?


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