About us

Together with our members, we’re building a more equitable and resilient world – today and for generations to come.

The modern world ruled and dominated by centralized authorities leaves little to no chance for individual members of society to truly own anything – assets, freedom, or future.

In Privateum we believe that the power of decentralization, self-organization and mutual support is capable of forming an alternate form of cooperation and success.

In Privateum we are building a global community free from a central authority, controlled and operated by its members and driven by the shared values of freedom, equal opportunities and success.


Gevorg Airapetian Co-Founder/CEO
Davit Abelyan Head of Marketing
Denys Regulskyi Head of Development and DevOps
Alena Menshykava Senior Advisor
Nona Movsisian Head of Analytics
Narine Sargsyan Global Partnerships Manager


Pavel Martinik is a partner of Martinik Law Firm, a law firm based in the center of Prague that focuses on financial, commercial and administrative law. The firm provides complex services to domestic and foreign clients, including financial and public institutions.

In addition to his legal practice, Pavel Martinik also focuses on academia and lectures financial law at the Charles University Law School. Pavel Martiník is also an advisor and personal assistant to the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Digital Economy, ICT and Telecommunications of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, with whom he works closely on all issues related to the regulation of the digital economy.