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Today, there are around 20,000 cryptocurrencies worldwide.
And the number is still growing month by month. 
But what’s the reason?
The reason lies in the fact that every cryptocurrency is trying to provide some value to the customers. 
And the same is trying to do PVM Token. But better!
Here’s everything you should know about PVM Token – the definition, its benefits, updates, etc.

So What is the PVM Token (or PVM Coin)?

PVM Token is one of the most trendy digital assets on the market. It’s a cryptocurrency token built on top of the Binance smart chain. 
Also, it’s designed to provide a decentralized marketplace for buying and selling various types of products.

PVM Token is Now the PRI crypto token?

The PVM token has been migrated into PRI Crypto Token. Above all, the team behind the project has been working hard to make sure their project provides as much value as possible to its buyers.
Initially, PVM was created to serve as a utility token for a platform. However, due to unstable market conditions and to improve the smart contract of PVM the board members of the Privateum Global decided to issue a new token instead with an upgraded smart contract
Also, they want to make sure that not only the customers but also the rest of the people do understand what the project is about as this token might be a game changer in the crypto industry.
Lastly when the PVM was initially created, the crypto market was still growing rapidly. The technologies were developing fast as well as so throughout time not every corner of the security was covered. 
And the smart contract was not safe enough. That’s why the company decided to make stress on the security of the token a priority.
Above all, PRI’s smart contract differs from PVM and has more functionality as from the previous one some tokens had copied the smart contract. 
So today, security and safety are one of the top reasons why the number of PRI Token is growing on the market.

What About People Owning a PVM Token?

The company board has thought about the people already owning PVM tokens as well.

To cover the needs of the company’s customers, all the PVM coins held by their respective owners (purchased by 24 March 2022) have been migrated into PRI Crypto Token since 15 October 2022.

You can find the Full message from the company here indicating that swapping from PVM to PRI token will be according to the following schedule:

Initially, the PVM Coin was created to raise funds for the development of the PVM Platform but the plans changed a bit later.

All in all, the new name will allow the PVM coin to be used in the same way as regular digital cash. This means that customers can use it to buy and sell a number of things online.

That’s why the PRI team is developing the platform at the moment to provide the opportunity to buy or sell, for instance, virtual stable cryptocurrencies such as PRI USD, PRI EURO, PRI CZK, online gaming items, apps, software, books, music, videos, websites, domains, etc.

Why is it worth investing in it and holding onto it so you can make money from it later on?

Simply because the PVM/PRI Token is the only way to pay for these transactions. You can use it for buying anything at any time while using your own wallet.

Note: Even though you shouldn’t be able to purchase PVM anymore from both centralized and decentralized exchanges, nevertheless, some “smart” people still try to sell this to others. Keep in mind they will NOT be reimbursed or have any value at hand so DO NOT BUY PVM Tokens anymore since already mentioned that PVM Tokens purchased after the 24th of March 2022 will not be migrated to PRI Token.

How (Where) to Buy the PRI token?

Today, these are the main ways to buy the updated and improved PVM token:


Nowadays, PVM or PRI crypto token is considered one of the top potential cryptocurrencies on the market.

If you’re not yet convinced, you can explore more on the PRI Crypto Token’s official website, or you can also discover more details on the Coinmarketcap Let us know if you have any questions.

You can join Privateum official telegram channel here.

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