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Privateum Global Marketplace

Privateum Global Marketplace empowers individuals to become merchants and sell their products and services online.


Seamless experience

Unprecedented crypto marketplace for all buyers and sellers.
Get your secure and decentralized platform to buy or sell with no limits using PRI crypto token.

When we do launch, our marketplace we will provide ultra-low fees, making it possible for businesses of any size to participate.
Our platform's centerpiece is the PRI token, which serves as the entrance ticket to the marketplace. Buyers can easily pay for products and services, while merchants can accept payments worldwide.

How to pay for the products

All transactions will be implemented using the main currency of the marketplace — stable cryptocurrencies like PRI USD, PRI EUR, and PRI CZK that can be obtained through our Privateum private wallet.

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We're committed to making it easy and affordable to participate in the digital economy - don’t miss your opportunity to become this global change!


Sell any product that’s legally allowed

Privatem Global Marketplace is designed to support selling types of products that are legally allowed and available on the market worldwide. From digital products to physical goods, services, and subscriptions, our marketplace will cater to all types of businesses.

  • Join us in revolutionizing the financial world and reshaping the digital economy for all!
  • Sign up as an early subscriber today to receive exclusive benefits, including significantly reduced fees.

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Becoming a member of co-op is even easier now.

Get PRI token to become a member of Privateum
Global Co-Op and get all the advantages to reveal your financial potential.