Be aware of SCAMS! PRI (contract address: 0xb10be3f4c7e1f870d86ed6cfd412fed6615feb6f) is only available on BscScan Network



Why Privateum (PRI) Crypto Token?

PRI crypto (utility) token is the heart of the Privateum Global. It’s a gateway allowing its users to access the products or services offered by the Privateum platform. Propose upgrades and discuss the future of the crypto token with the Privateum community.

PRI Crypto Token Advantages

Every PRI token holder is a rightful Privateum owner

By getting PRI crypto token the owner is unlocking a number of new possibilities including:

  • Getting access to the network of people and selling goods worldwide
  • Participation in making some decisions related to the future development of the project
  • Having equal voting rights on strategic decisions
  • Implementing business ideas with the Privateum community

Token Supply:

The total supply of PRI Token is 80 million. This number will remain fixed, as there will be no further issuance or creation of new tokens beyond this initial supply.

The 80 million PRI Tokens will be allocated as follows:

Team: 30.4 million PRI Tokens


Development: 23.2 million PRI Tokens


Marketing: 12.8 million PRI Tokens


Angel Investors: 10.4 million PRI Tokens


Public Sale: 3.2 million PRI Tokens


Why PRI Crypto Token is Unique?

PRI crypto token is based on a quite versatile model — Privateum’s Cooperative Business Model. The business model is mainly based on the idea that people not only get patronage from the token price growth but also own and govern the crypto token and take part in the strategic decisions thus contributing to the growth of the product.


Participate by proposing upgrades and discussing the future of PRI crypto token’s growth with the Privateum community. This is where your voice does matter !

Making trades and transactions between members of a cooperative gives you the opportunity to constantly exploit economies of scale

Due to Privateum business model, there are no conflicting interests between PRI Token owners and the Privateum Global company as your financial growth is our success !

Прокрутить вверх

Becoming a member of co-op is even easier now.

Get PRI token to become a member of Privateum
Global Co-Op and get all the advantages to reveal your financial potential.