Your token. Your business.

World’s first platform fully owned by its token holders

Token that is always in use and is always in demand.

Every PRI holder is a rightful Privateum owner. Get PRI and unlock new possibilities

  • Global business network
  • Take part in board meetings
  • Vote on strategic decisions
  • Implement business ideas with Privateum community

Privateum offers an integrated ecosystem of products and services that is powered by PRI token.

Privateum platform

Global business network
Secured transactions
Cash in/ cash out
Secured asset storage


Variety of products and services
Secured operating environment
Buyer/seller contact and chat
Secured transactions

Public wallet

Low fees
New token swap


Yield farming
New tokens support

Credit programs

Everyone’s eligible
Up to 70% financing
Low interest rates

Privateum Wallet


Buy PRI to onboard your virtual assets to Privateum Network, cover swap fees or simply invest in the cooperation of the future!