7 Reasons Why The Crypto Market Crashed (& How to Avoid It)

The crypto market is one of the least stable markets today. Here’s why the crypto market crashed recently, the real reasons, and how to avoid it.


The crypto market is no stranger to volatility, with prices often fluctuating rapidly and sometimes without warning. 

Recently, the market experienced a significant crash, causing panic among traders and investors. 

And only rare crypto assets such as Privateum Global continued to grow during the insatiable market conditions. We’ll cover detailed information on the main factors why Privateum continued growing during the market crash in another article.

Today, we’ll explore some significant reasons why the crypto market crashed as well as will introduce to you some advice on how to avoid it in the future.

Here are 2 main sections of today’s article (key highlights):

  1. 7 reasons why the crypto market crashed
    1. Reason N1: Lack of trust in crypto projects
    2. Reason N2: FTX crypto crash
    3. Reason N3: Exchanges got hacked
    4. Reason N4: Lack of understanding
    5. Reason N5: Trading bots were banned
    6. Reason N6: FOMO (fear of missing out) & greed
    7. Reason N7: Supply & Demand Gap
  2. How to identify new or rogue crypto projects

Let’s delve into the details.

7 Reasons Why The Crypto Market Crashed

Reason N1: Lack of Trust in Crypto Projects

One of the top reasons for the crypto market crash is a lack of trust in crypto projects

Today, there are over 20k crypto assets. Indeed, many of them are just scams such as Baby Musk Coin (which raised $2 million in an initial coin offering) or Africrypt (worth $3.6 billion, just disappeared)

Some projects lack transparency leaving investors in the dark forest about their operations and financial health. 

To avoid future crashes, it’s important to invest in projects with a strong track record and a transparent approach.

Reason N2: FTX Crypto Crash

The FTX crypto crash also contributed to the overall market crash. The FTX exchange experienced a technical glitch that caused a sudden drop in prices, leading to panic selling and market instability

To avoid future crashes, exchanges must implement robust security measures and regularly test their systems to ensure they can withstand sudden market movements.

Reason N3: Exchanges Got Hacked

Exchanges getting hacked are a major risk factor in the crypto market, as they can lead to large-scale losses and market instability. 

In the case of the same FTX, around $415m (£338m) of crypto was been stolen by hackers from the exchange.

To avoid future crashes, investors must store their funds in secure, reputable wallets, and exchanges must implement advanced security measures to protect against hacking attempts.

Reason N4: Lack of Understanding

A lack of understanding of the crypto market and its underlying technology can also contribute to market crashes.

So investors who don’t fully understand the risks and rewards of investing in crypto may panic and sell off their holdings during times of market volatility. 

To avoid further crashes, it is important to educate investors and crypto enthusiasts and promote a better understanding of the crypto market.

Reason N5: Trading Bots Were Banned

Trading bots have been a popular tool among crypto traders, but their recent ban has contributed to market instability. 

Overall, the ban has limited the ability of traders to execute trades quickly and effectively, leading to price fluctuations and market instability. 

To avoid crash possibilities, traders must adapt to the changing market conditions and develop new strategies for executing trades.

Reason N6: FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) & Greed

Finally, FOMO (fear of missing out) and greed can contribute to market crashes. 

All in all, investors who enter the market with a «get rich quick» mentality may panic and sell off their holdings during times of market volatility, leading to market fluctuation. 

To avoid market collapse, investors should adopt a long-term perspective and avoid making impulsive decisions based on emotions.

Reason N7: Supply & Demand Gap

Indeed, one of the top reasons for the crypto market crash is the supply and demand gap

As the number of cryptocurrencies in circulation increases, demand decreases, and prices fall. This gap can lead to market instability and a lack of trust among investors. 

To avoid future crashes, it is important to monitor supply and demand levels and invest in high-quality, established projects.

So how to identify new or rogue crypto projects?

1. Whitepaper

A key indicator that helps determine if a project is a cryptocurrency scam or something new is reading the whitepaper.

Overall, a white paper is a document that contains all information about a project. This includes background information, project mission and vision, tokenomics, team members, and more. 

An eloquent white paper that  answers any questions is usually a good sign for a new project.

Let’s take Privateum’s whitepaper, for example. You can find any information there about Privateum including information about its products and services, business model, etc. 

2. Easily accessible

Any token sale or initial coin offering (ICO) should be easily accessible

All information about the progress of the sale should also be transparent. Potential investors must be able to identify the number of tokens sold. 

3. Roadmap

Another important identifier is the roadmap. A crypto project with a clear and structured roadmap that ensures project longevity and details the roadmap to project success is critical.

So transparency is key to identifying rogue cryptocurrency projects. If there are more unanswered questions than answers, this is a red flag.

4. Analysis & Intuition

Finally, listening to your intuition is an important factor. 

If the project seems fraudulent from the start, has mixed reviews, or has some information but not much, it’s best to proceed with caution and come back later. 


The crypto market crash was a wake-up call for investors and traders, highlighting the importance of understanding market risks and taking steps to avoid future crashes. 

So if one wants to invest in a promising project, one should analyze, read, and delve deeper into the core of the project rather than make a quick investment. 

And that’s the reason why the people investing in Privateum Global didn’t regret it as even during the recent market crash the company stayed in the game and continued to grow. This is a testament to the strength and potential of the project. 

With a clear vision, strong fundamentals, and a focus on creating real value for its users, Privateum has shown that it has what it takes to weather the storms of the crypto market and emerge stronger on the other side. 

So read more, stay educated, and choose the best financial platform for your digital assets

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