Privateum Global Earns CertiK KYC Badge: A Boost for Privateum Platform Security & PRI Token Holders

Privateum Global, the world’s first financial platform owned by its token PRI holders, has successfully completed the CertiK KYC process, a comprehensive evaluation of a project’s compliance with KYC regulations to prevent financial crimes such as money laundering and fraud.


CertiK is a leading blockchain security firm that provides cutting-edge security solutions for blockchain projects. Its KYC process involves a rigorous vetting process facilitated by experienced investigators, including interviews with key team members, ID verification and liveness checks, and a review of the blockchain project.

This achievement demonstrates Privateum Global’s commitment to compliance and security, and highlights its dedication to providing a secure platform for transactions while adhering to relevant regulations. 

The CertiK KYC Badge Award serves as a stamp of approval for Privateum Global’s compliance and security measures, which can boost investor confidence and increase its market appeal. With its focus on secure transactions, compliance with KYC regulations, and dedication to providing a safe and reliable platform, Privateum Global is well-poised to provide its members with a trustworthy and innovative financial cooperative platform.

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