Privateum Global Appoints Co-Founder Karen Abrahamyan As CEO

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We are excited to announce the appointment of our Co-Founder Karen Abrahamyan as the NEW Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Privateum. — World’s first platform fully owned by its token holders!

Former CEO, Gevorg Airapetian, will remain active with the Privateum leadership team, providing guidance on company strategy.

When Privateum was formed back in 2019, Karen Abrahamyan served as Co-Founder and the biggest investor of Privateum. He has an excellent command of the market, the company’s vision, and the team.  
His experience spans over 20 years of leadership expertise, including managing financial institutions and growing disruptive companies. 
In addition, Karen is well-regarded as an industry visionary with a proven ability to energize partners and teams toward meeting and exceeding business objectives. 
«We thank Gevorg Airapetian for his leadership and wish him well in his next chapter. His leadership was essential in successfully transitioning Privateum from an early-stage startup to a fast-growing platform,» said Karen. «We’re excited to build on the path he set us on and continue driving toward our next level of growth together.»

We are delighted to have Karen Abrahamyan, leading our team in securing more strategic partnerships, fostering innovation, and driving Privateum toward its next set of milestones.

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